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Soil & Water Conservation Department, Govt. of Maharashtra

Soil and Water Conservation Government of Maharashtra

A one of its kind project in India enabling GIS in E-Governance. Water Conservation Assets for more than 23000 villages of Maharashtra were mapped & digitized using Remote Sensing and Interpretation techniques. This was completed in record time of 75 days. The data then was used in Geo-Portal developed by founder members of CodeRize. Geo-portal enables government and citizens gain insight on the ‘Where’ aspect of Water conservation assets. The application helped in curtailing duplication of work thus making this Project one of the most Cost-effective projects.

Developed android based Geo-enabled mobile applications for Agriculture Department. 

The Shetishala application is used to collect the Training details conducted by Government for farmers. It has key features like single time registration, ability to capture real time photos and location capture. It provides useful insights on ‘When‘ ‘How‘ and ‘Where‘ was the training conducted. This helped in monitoring training sessions and collecting data for analysis.

Agriculture Department- Govt. of Maharashtra

Agriculture Department Government of Maharashtra

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited

Rasters were mosaiced, compressed and then published on Geoserver (Installed and configured on LINUX) to enable change detection and understand patterns.

Coderize is also Partner with MKCL to provide technical resources.

Assets for water conservation in more than 2300 villages were identified through satellite imagery and digitized enhancing techniques for climate resilience agriculture.


Maharashtra Forest Department

A classic example of how GIS & Remote Sensing can be used to extract meaningful data in a cost effective manner. Classification & Digitization of different forest types using visual interpretation techniques was executed in this Project. It also helped in understanding which forest areas where Encroached.

Remote sensing and visual interpretation techniques were used to find the assets and digitization was done using open source software’s.


Developed android based Geo-enabled mobile applications for Agriculture Department. 

The PeekPanchnama is ‘Official Application for Govt. of Maharashtra-Agriculture Department’. It is a mission critical application aiding insurance of damaged crops designed and developed within just 48 hours of record time.

PeekPanchanama ensured:

-Ease of access of data to Govt.

-Minimizing turnaround time

– Saving  cost

Agriculture Department- Govt. of Maharashtra